YouTube vs Blogging | Which is best and right for earning

Which one is best platform for make money online YouTube vs Blogging


YouTube vs Blogging are very effective strategies for brand and individual who want to generate the maximum amount of traffic for their YouTube & Blogging. Many people employ these two methods earn money online.

In blogging, you start a new website and publish review's and details of your ideas, tips and tricks.
If you want publish your Knowledge, So blogging is the best platform. If you want start a blogging or website you must have knowledge Google webmaster guidelines, basic of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and good understanding of English Grammar.

1. If you want to start a Blogging


1. Buy a Custom Unique Domain Name
2. Buy a Hosting Plan
3. You can also start a free blogging on Google (Click Here How to make free blog)

About blogging:

Blogging is a blog or website any type of product, you can write post and publish to post on your blog and website, but keep in your mind not use any ©copyrighted content, image, video etc.
For fastly growing in blogging use your own ideas & products honestly work on blogging.
For growing in blogging write well content actually who want's why want's a product.

Why start a blog or website:

You know if your blog or website ranked on Google page. And get hug amount traffic on your blog or website you can earn money more.

2. If you want to start a YouTube Creator

How to make money on YouTube?

YouTube is a free and good platform to earn money online and YouTube is a simple way to make money online.

1. First Sign in into YouTube, (Use your E-mail ID)
2. Then create a YouTube channel with any of your brand name
3. Now upload your video on your YouTube channel

When your all YouTube videos complete 4000hour Watch time and 1000 Subscriber within last one year, then you are eligible for run Ads on your YouTube videos.

How to Apply for AdSense?

You can apply for AdSense

1. Go to YouTube
2. Then login your YouTube account

4. Then Go to creator

5. Then Go to channel

6. Then Go to monetisation

Now complete all step

Then your YouTube channel review by Google, after reviewing your YouTube channel approved. Then run Ads on your YouTube videos and earn money on your AdSense account.

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