What is Affiliate Marketing | How to make money from affiliate marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?
Affiliate marketing is an advertising product where a company. Companies sale their any type of  product. You can join their Affiliate Program and Promote their Product, When sales are possible to your affiliate link, Then companies are give you some commission from your affiliate sales product.

Where Promote Affiliate Marketing Product.
Many way to promote your affiliate product, simply put, affiliate program are arrangements in which an online merchant or niche Website pay affiliate Web site a commission to send them traffic. These affiliate Website post links to the merchant or niche Website and they are paid according to a particular agreement.
Affiliate Website: Contains Product Review, Visitors becomes interested in product and clicks affiliate link to view it on Advertiser site.
Affiliate Network: Share the affiliate link and track the referral to the advertiser website.
Buyer: Make a perches on the advertiser website.
Commission: The affiliate reviews communication for the sales product commission. 
Affiliate Website: You can make an Affiliate Website and Promote their product on your Website,
If your Website achieve to hug traffic on your Website and sale your affiliate product. Then affiliate companies pay you product commission.
Niche Website: Get More traffic on your Website Choose a Unique Target Topic (Like- Sport Product, Kids Doll ) etc.

Social Network: You can also share your affiliate product link on social media network, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and any other social network.

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