How to use Google Drive | Free Cloud Storage | File, Photo, Video, Audio and more

Google Drive a (Google Product) most popular and free Cloud Storage Service, Google Drive available for all Devices  - Windows, Android Phone (App), iPhone etc. 

Google Drive a free service to store your any Files, Documents, Photos, Videos, Audios and much more store in google drive, This is not get your internal storage space, This is a cloud storage your all file safe stored on google drive server.

How to use Google Drive.

1. Go to Google Drive Site Sign in to Gmail ID (If you have not a gmail ID Sign Up First)

2. After Login Open a Google Drive Home Page And Click On New

3. After click on NEW, Select File Upload OR Folder Upload.

4. Now Select File OR Folder to Upload.
5. Here locate Starting Upload

6. After completed you can see this aria uploaded file or folder.

Double click file or folder, you want to see.

  • Go for Sign up Google Drive CLICK HERE
  • Go for Sign in Google Drive  CLICK HERE

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